About Small-Cap Rocket Alert

In his thousands of hours of number-crunching, editor Sid Riggs discovered a pattern of profits that’s almost foolproof. He identified seven “sparks” – catalysts – that consistently propel small-cap stocks to new highs, making investors potentially life-changing gains in the process. Now he’s showing members exactly how this works – what to buy, how to buy, what to sell, and when to do it. This blows the small-cap market wide open for retail investors.

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Dear Reader,

If you want to secure your financial future and lock-in a comfortable retirement, there’s only one way to do it…

And that’s by consistently finding stocks that can multiply your money by two timesfour timeseven 10 times or more.

Not in years, either.

It can happen in just a matter of months or weeks or even days, like these recent gains…

  • 1,004.3% in 90 days on NVFY
  • •593.2% in 6 months on CDE
  • •904.3% in 38 days on BTUUQ
  • •445.8% in 52 days on SPHS, and
  • •1,366.6% in 75 days on CNAB

Now THAT’S how you build wealth.

Problem is, most people don’t have a clue how to find these kinds of windfalls even though they occur over and over again every single year.

Look, you could have a portfolio full of solid earners like Apple or P&G or General Electric… in fact, I hope you do.

But just realize these are NOT going to make you rich tomorrow. Or next year. Or even the year after.

These stocks simply can’t give you the 1,000% or 500% or even 100% gains that you need every year if you want to become truly rich any time soon.

So what can?

The fact is:

Year after year, the biggest gains come from a handful of stocks that most people have never heard of.

They’re not touted in the media, and most analysts don’t even cover them.

It’s a niche hidden in the small-cap market that I call “Rocket Stocks.”

These are tiny, obscure stocks that can behave in a very unique and predictable way.

They go from just pennies per share… to suddenly taking off like a rocket…

Then they continue to surge for potentially LIFE-CHANGING gains like these:

  • •A quick 207.4% gain… then up to 444.8%… then 488.0%finishing up with a 768.6% GAIN on PLUG.

  • A 144.4% jump… then up to 353.9%… then 692.0%shooting all the way up to a 906.3% GAIN on IDRA.

  • •A fast 150.0% to start… sparking up to 466.3%… then 519.5%climbing to a 700.9% GAIN on FOLD.

  • •A quick 24.1% gain… igniting up to 876.0%… then 909.2% all the way up to a 1,017.7% GAIN on ANIP.

You get the picture.

Rocket Stocks blast off to wealth-building gains like this all the time, year after year.

In 2016 alone, there were 250 of these small-cap Rocket Stocks that could have returned up to 10 TIMES YOUR MONEY.

And already in 2017, I’ve counted 110 of them so far.

Here’s the tough thing about Rocket Stocks.

They’re so far under the radar, hardly anybody even knows they exist. So hardly anybody actually pockets these fantastic gains.

And by the time people do notice them blowing the doors off every other stock in the market, it’s too late. The opportunity is already gone.

But imagine how incredibly wealthy YOU could be if you could find these Rocket Stocks ahead of time. One after another. Way BEFORE they launch to mind-blowing gains.

Imagine what YOUR life and YOUR retirement could be like if you could know TODAY exactly which of these fast moving Rocket Stocks are going to take off… IN THE NEXT FEW WEEKS or MONTHS.

For example… imagine the profits that could have been yours if you knew HERE…

That SOMETHING was going to make this off-the-grid company launch to a 648.1% gain HERE.

Think about all the things you could have bought and done if you knew HERE… that shares of this penny stock were going to blast off to a whopping 840% gain HERE.

Consider how fat and cushy your nest egg could be if you knew HERE… that this tiny company was going to bolt to a 651% gain HERE.

Now, not every Rocket Stock hits rare and extraordinary gains like these,…

But one quick look at these charts, and it’s plain as day…

Owning these Rocket Stocks ahead of time can make you filthy rich.

The problem is:

Unless You’re a Company Insider With Information That No One Else Has…

You Can’t Pick Them. Hardly Anybody Can.

Remember, these are small stocks. Often trading for $2 or less per share.

Not one in a thousand people has ever heard of them.

On top of that, they’re as hard to find as an honest politician.

Based on my estimates, only three or four of the more than 2,000 small cap stocks start their ascent to becoming a ten-bagger in any given week. That’s less than a fraction of one percent.

And don’t expect any help navigating this small-cap mine field. It’s virtually impossible to get ANY information on these tiny companies.

In fact, institutions are actually banned from buying them. Due to ERISA laws, prospectus mandates, and performance factors, they can’t take advantage of these windfalls no matter how much they want to.

Even news organizations and other media ignore them… until the gains start making history.

That leaves you on your own with the impossible task of tracking all 2,000 small-cap company websites every day, hoping to uncover a morsel of helpful information.

And good luck with that.

Even if these companies literally handed you their balance sheets, it wouldn’t help.

Regular financial metrics like return on equity or price/earnings or vertical analysis simply don’t work on these companies.

That’s why so many people fail miserably trying to get rich chasing these extraordinary small-cap gains.

And that’s no surprise. Whenever you’re dealing with the stock market, nothing is guaranteed to win 100% of the time.

But here’s the thing:


The examples I just showed you are only a tiny sampling of the phenomenal “jumpers” that are popping over and over.

They’re literally out there for the taking.

The trick is… how do you find the few Rocket Stocks that can make you rich?

How do you avoid the losers?

And most importantly, how can you get in BEFORE they blast off so you capture every last penny of profit?

That’s exactly what I’m going to show you in the next few minutes.

My name is Sid Riggs. I’m Director of Research at Money Morning.

After years of analysis – after back testing decades of these obscure Rocket Stock gains and turning them inside out and upside down – I just made a game-changing discovery.

I figured out that, just like a poker player holding four aces…

Rocket Stocks have a “tell”…

A dead giveaway that a tiny, unknown company is about to double… or triple… or quadruple… and at times even multiply your money 10 times or more in the coming weeks or months.

It’s a near invisible aberration in the price, like a nervous “tick.”

And it can tell me with near 100% certainty what’s going to happen in the days, weeks, even months ahead of time.

That makes me the only person anywhere who can guide you to these elusive Rocket Stock opportunities BEFORE they happen.

BEFORE they could suddenly turn every $500 invested into as much as $20,000 or more.

THAT’S how you get rich.

And it’s so simple, it’s crazy.

Let Me Show You How This Works…

Stocks go up and down every single day.

And just because you see a stock moving, you can’t assume it’s going to make you rich. In fact, chances are it will do just the opposite.

You see, no matter how large or small a stock’s ups and downs are… it will almost always trade within its own unique price range.

Look at it like this:

Say you’re looking for a Mercedes. A 2016 E-class model with around 20,000 miles.

You’d probably jump on a great deal for around $32,000. But if it was priced any less, you’d be suspicious there’s something wrong with it.

On the other hand, you might be willing to pay as much as $38,000 for one in mint condition with everything you want. But you know that paying any more would be a bad deal. You wouldn’t do it.

So the price may bounce around, but the normal range for this car is between $32 and $38 thousand dollars.

Stocks are the same way.

Some days you may get a better deal than others. But it will almost always trade within a particular range.

Take a look at this typical chart from last summer and you’ll see what I mean.

It’s a small cap company called Green Brick Partners.

The big picture makes it easy to see there are plenty of ups and downs.

But when I zoom in for a microscopic look at its price, you can see that despite the huge swings, Green Brick actually stayed right between two lines the whole time.

What are these lines?

They’re just like the price range we set for our Mercedes.

Only these lines illustrate a statistical, nano-level channel that I’ve calculated for this particular stock.

In the case of Green Brick, this microscopic look shows it’s just like an average 2016 Mercedes. It traded right in the channel, exactly as expected.

Based on my estimates, that’s how 97% of stocks operate.

But Rocket Stocks are different.

To the naked eye, they have their ups and downs like every other small-cap.

But when I apply my channels, it’s like having a microscopic lens that shows me the exact moment when even the tiniest aberration in the price occurs.

That’s how I discovered that Rocket Stocks have one extraordinary thing in common that sets them apart.

Weeks or months BEFORE they suddenly blast off to extraordinary gains…

They show an otherwise invisible, but statistically significant “breach” outside my channel.

Why would it do that? And what does it mean?

That’s easy to understand when we go back to our Mercedes example.

We established that the most we’d pay for our Mercedes is $38 thousand dollars.

But what if you knew something about one particular Mercedes that nobody else did?


That would change everything!

You’d gladly pay more than the maximum just to seal the deal and get your hands on the gold as quickly as possible.

Rocket Stocks are just like that Mercedes with the bar of gold in the trunk.

When a few people get inside information on a stock, their knowledge is like that hidden bar of gold. An enormous bar that’s about to make them rich.

They eagerly pay more than the normal maximum for the stock because…

They know it’s worth WAY more than that.

You can see it clearly when we take my microscope to this recent Rocket Stock.

Silvercorp Metals (SVMLF) looks like most penny stocks, trading up and down over the course of a year.

But when we zoom in and see the tiny details magnified… it’s a totally different story.

See where the line breaks above the blue channel line? That’s a breach. An aberration. An anomaly that does not occur for any normal reason.

And That, My Friend, is the Breakout “Tell” That Can Make You Rich.

It’s the signal that someone is paying more for this penny stock then they should – unless they know something you don’t!

And just like with the Mercedes, there’s ONLY one reason anyone would do that. Only one possible reason a stock busts through this critical channel I’ve created.

People are buying into a company because they know there’s a hidden bar of gold – information that tells them this stock’s value is about to skyrocket.

Sure enough, a few days after the breakout appeared, Silvercorp started rocketing to a whopping 575.4% gain.

For every thousand dollars invested, that miniscule price breach could have helped you fill your pockets with $6,754. That’s almost SEVEN TIMES YOUR MONEY!

Happens Every Time

Of course, without being able to see this microscopic “tell,” it would be impossible to identify a Rocket Stock before the price erupts.

It would look like every one of the other 2,000 small cap stocks listed on the exchanges.

But with it, you can become richer than Midas.

Look here. You can see the “tell” BEFORE Sorrento Therapeutics Inc., (SRNE), an unknown pharmaceutical company, shot up 423.8%.

You can see it here. BEFORE a small energy company called Ocean Rig (ORIG) more than DOUBLED in 48 days.

And it’s here BEFORE a tiny mining firm called Western Energy rocketed out of nowhere to a 550% gain.

It happens over and over again.

And the reason is simple…


They have to know about a secret catalyst… a gold bar.

Something that makes people want to jump into an otherwise ordinary-looking stock so aggressively…

That it causes it to bust completely out of its normal range.

As I dug deeper, I discovered there are really only seven of these catalysts. Seven “reasons” for the inevitable price jumps that get people excited. It could be:

  1. The company is about to form a strategic partnership, buyout or takeover.
  2. The company just got a huge contract or order for massive sales.
  3. The company is releasing a new, leapfrogging technology.
  4. The company’s upcoming 10k SEC release is about to show shockingly big, new earnings.
  5. The company is about to make influential management changes.
  6. The company is impacted by market forces that increase profits in a huge way.
  7. The company just received key regulatory approval, making its needed product widely available.

The beauty is, it doesn’t matter which of these seven events happens. For example…

For Silvercorp, it was a series of surprising earnings reports that sparked the massive gains…

With Sorrento, the launch was triggered by the announcement of an exclusive global partnership to develop next-generation cancer immunotherapies.

Ocean Rig’s price explosion was ignited by market forces when OPEC agreed to reduce oil output for the first time since 2008.

For Western Energy, the spark was lit when it received key regulatory approval ensuring a new mine could be built without significant adverse financial impact.

All it takes is for any ONE of these to ignite, and a sudden and massive price jump is practically guaranteed.

And, as you’ve already clearly seen, it can make you unbelievably rich.

Now Think About What This Could Mean For YOU.

Remember, once people get a whiff of the hidden gold… once they know that one of these catalysts is coming… they’re the first to eagerly buy up shares at any price and wait for the inevitable blastoff.

They think they’re keeping their cash cow a secret.

But it’s that first eager wave of buying that causes the telltale breach that can make you rich!

Most analysts have no idea to even look for this secret “tell.” Heck, they couldn’t even find it if they did.

They simply don’t have the tools that I’ve created. They can’t even see the complex channels I’ve calculated. And they certainly can’t identify the statistically significant breakouts that mean there’s gold in the trunk.

But when you know how to take a microscopic look like I do… you can see it all like a glowing flare in the night.

Let’s look at a few examples and you’ll see exactly what I mean.

Last summer, Mechel (MTL), a small steel and mining company looked like a typical penny stock. It was bouncing up and down, but not making anyone a cent.

But when I zoom in, you can see that MTL had a price breakout here, on August 17.

Why in the world would that happen?

Nobody in their right mind would have thought MTL was an especially good buy…

Nobody would have wanted to jump on the MTL bandwagon…

Nobody, that is, EXCEPT somebody who knew something. Somebody who knew there was hidden gold.

And once you realize that, everything makes perfect sense.

Think about it.

SOMEONE had to know the real story behind the numbers.

SOMEONE had to know that MTL was going to make a huge earnings announcement…

And they had to know it well before it officially became news on August 29, 2016.

Of course, they try to keep their knowledge secret. But they HAD to start buying MTL at any price in order to cash in on what they knew.

And the second that microscopic breakout showed up, the secret was out.

In fact, if you would have known to look for the breach, and bought MTL the first moment it occurred…

You could have been in position to almost QUADRUPLE YOUR MONEY with a quick 273.4% gain that nobody else ever saw coming.

Let’s look at another one.

Highpower International (HPJ) is a small manufacturer of specialized rechargeable batteries. Bouncing along at less than two bucks a share for months, it wasn’t on anybody’s radar.

But when I zoom in, you can see that HPJ had a breakout “tell” here on June 7.

Why? Another hidden gold bar.

SOMEONE had to know what was about to happen.

SOMEONE had to be negotiating deals.

And SOMEONE had to know weeks before Highpower officially announced that it snagged a huge deal with electronics mega-giant SONY.

Naturally, once that exciting news got out, the stock blasted off.

And if you knew to look for the breakout, you could have been in perfect position WAY BEFORE it jumped… in time to pocket every last cent of an enormous 663.3% GAIN!

And look at this one…

Trading at less than $2 a share for months, Arrowhead Research Corporation (ARWR), gave no reason for anyone to believe it was anything exceptional…

Nobody EXCEPT those who knew something nobody else did.

On closer examination, you can see the stock broke through here, on February 20.


Well remember, SOMEONE had to know the truth about its new drug to treat the hepatitis B virus.

And they had to know it weeks before the company officially announced news of successful results from an important clinical trial.

And this time the hidden gold turned out to be an entire treasure chest.

If you got into ARWR when the breakthrough appeared…

You could have had a life changing 1,028.4% GAIN!

I think you get the picture by now. Plain and simple…

If you can tell when the people who know something start making their moves…

If you can know when the price breaks through in a statistically significant way…

You can hit the jackpot.

Now, in hindsight, this breakout is crystal clear. And the reasons are clear.

But in real time, it’s virtually impossible to detect.

That’s why hardly anybody has been able to fully capitalize on these Rocket Stock gains.

Until now.

How My Revolutionary “Launch Alarm” Points Out the “Tells” That Can Multiply Every Dollar Up to 40 Times or More… Over and Over Again.

As you’ve just seen repeatedly, this “tell” I discovered is the key to incredible new Rocket Stock gains.

Unfortunately, it’s also virtually impossible to spot with the naked eye.

So even though I’m the only person in the world who knows the precise channels to look for…

Even though I’m the only person with the ability to zoom-in on any stock and find the microscopic breaches…

There’s no way even I could personally check every stock every day… no way I could manually calculate every breakout.

I realized I needed a way to combine my discoveries with a computer to give my work real-time wealth-building potential.

That’s why I spent the better part of the last year and a half developing a one-of-a-kind tool.

I had to wrestle with complex, Nobel Prize-winning mathematics to work it out. But I finally perfected it.

As far as I know, my revolutionary “Launch Alarm” is the ONLY real-time, forward-looking signal of its kind.

And what my Launch Alarm tells me… can make you rich beyond your wildest dreams.


It uses complex logarithms to simultaneously analyze all 2,000 small-cap stocks, 24 hours a day. And it automatically alerts me when it finds something nobody else in the world knows… the “tell” that can make you rich.

It cuts through the noise of all the ups and downs to tell me the exact moment when people who know something, cause an aberration in a stock’s price…

And after testing millions of data points across years of history for 2,000 small-cap stocks

I’ve discovered that my Launch Alarm can show me this “tell” days or weeks BEFORE any of the seven catalysts ignite the stock to extraordinary gains like these…

  • 500.0% GAIN on GSS…
  • 612.7% GAIN on PEIX…
  • 593.2% GAIN on CDE…
  • •And a 516.9% GAIN on VISN.

Technically, my Launch Alarm works out to this complicated formula:

But you don’t have to understand calculus to grasp how my Launch Alarm makes consistently picking the winners out of the vast small-cap ocean as easy as shooting fish in a barrel.

Think I’m kidding? Let’s take a look at a few examples from my testing and you’ll see…

We’ll start with a tiny coal company called Peabody Energy Corporation.

As you can see, like most coal producers struggling with federal regulations, Peabody was just treading water.

But right here, on September 16, you can see the tell.

That’s how you would KNOW that somebody found a hidden gold bar in the stock. And they caused a significant price breakout that would have been invisible to everyone and everything EXCEPT my Launch Alarm.

Now let me stop and point out something VERY important…

I have no idea WHY my Launch Alarm flashes. I never do.

The Launch Alarm doesn’t give me ANY specific details.

And I couldn’t care less.

You see, “why” NEVER matters. Neither do “what” or “where.”

The news always eventually comes out anyway.

The ONLY thing that matters if you want to get rich… what the Launch Alarm makes plain as day every time… is this:

Somebody KNOWS something extraordinary is going to happen to one of these Rocket Stocks. RIGHT NOW.

And if you fail to act quickly, you could miss out on everything.

Sure enough, less than one month after the Launch Alarm would have signaled something was happening with Peabody, it became obvious what the excitement was all about.

On October 11, news got out that Peabody was able to restructure a significant portion of its debt.

And that sent the stock into orbit. Straight up like a rocket.

If you had bought Peabody when the Launch Alarm “tell” appeared, you could have been in position early enough to pocket every cent of a massive 904.38% gain in just 38 days.

Let me put that into perspective for you…

In about one month last year…

On this one penny stock that hardly anybody knew about…

Your money could have multiplied 10 TIMES!

$500 invested would have grown to $5,021

Every $1,000 would have turned into $10,042…

And a modest $5,000 stake could have put OVER $50,000 OF PURE, NEW PROFITS INTO YOUR WALLET.

Now THOSE are 24-carat profits.

Let’s look at another one.

Sophiris Bio Inc. (SPHS) is a niche biopharmaceutical company.

For the first half of 2016, this penny stock was only trading around $1 per share. That put it so far under the radar it was practically invisible.

Seemingly out of nowhere, you see the “tell” on June 3, 2016. Somebody had found a hidden gold bar.

Just six days later, SPHS stock began a rapid climb. That was after it announced the successful results from a study of its new prostate cancer drug.

And you could have been in position for a phenomenal 445.8% GAIN in just 52 days!

Now take a look at this chart. It’s a tiny financial guarantee insurance provider called Syncora Holdings.

Trading at a measly 25 cents per a share, this company wasn’t on ANYBODY’s watch list. Nobody in their right mind had any idea it was going ANYWHERE. Including me.

But there’s the “tell” on February 23, 2016.

Just three days later, Syncora’s financials revealed surprising and significantly positive news. The stock took off like it was shot from a cannon.

And you could have multiplied your money SIX TIMES with a hefty 512% GAIN in five months!

Here’s another one that could have had your piggy bank overflowing last year.

You can see the “tell” signal to buy an obscure Canadian mining company, Silvercorp Metals, on February 4, 2016.

The very next day, Silvercorp began releasing a string of positive financial results that sent the stock skyrocketing.

And it kept climbing through August, when Silvercorp announced it had won a critical court case.

Altogether, you could have gained 575.4% in just seven months.

Let’s look at one more.

Talk about building wealth, and diversifying your portfolio…

You won’t believe the pure fortune you could have made on this next, unlikely penny stock.

mCig, Inc. (MCIG) is a company that services the legal cannabis and hemp markets. That’s right – marijuana.

For most of 2016, it was virtually invisible, trading at less than a nickel per share. But somebody knew gold was hidden in this tiny stock.

Boy were they right. The sweeping legalization of cannabis and marijuana operations across the United States launched MCIG stock to the moon.

If you bought MCIG on September 20th, the first day you could have possibly seen the Launch Alarm…

YOU could have walked away with ELEVEN TIMES YOUR MONEYa whopping, 1,042.8% gain… in just four months.

I could go on and on, but here’s the key:

The Launch Alarm is like knowing the news ahead of time… and that can literally help you get rich.

Just look at the numbers.

Investing just $500 in each of those five trades in 2016 could have put an extra $17,401 in your pocket

Just $1,000 in each would have made you $34,802 richer

And even if these were the only five trades you made all of last year… and you invested just $5,000 in each…

You could be sitting on an extra $174,010 right now!

That’s right. You could have made almost a QUARTER MILLION DOLLARS in EXTRA PROFITS last year… making just five simple trades on five, under-the-radar Rocket Stocks.

This May Very Well Be the EASIEST Way For Ordinary Folks to Become Extraordinarily Rich.

As you’ve seen over and over, I created the Launch Alarm to help show you how to get in on incredible, invisible NEW gain opportunities… over and over again.

It really is like finding hidden gold.

And you never need more than a few hundred bucks. No more than the wad of “fun money” you probably keep on hand for a night on the town, or a getaway weekend.

Then you could just sit back and watch your money skyrocket…

Because the Launch Alarm makes building wealth ridiculously simple and worry-free too!

You don’t need…

To INTERPRET crazy company fundamentals…

Or to UNDERSTAND obscure markets…

Or to know WHY insiders are making moves…

Or to wonder WHAT the news is…

And you don’t even need to worry about WHEN the news is going to hit…


You don’t need ANY of the typical details that can make investing such a crapshoot.

All you need is the help of my Launch Alarm.

It clearly reveals the only two things that matter if you want to become as rich as an insider:

  1. You’ll know that somebody is so certain about one of these tiny stocks, that they cause a price breakout when they buy into the stock
  2. You’ll also know exactly WHICH STOCK it’s expected to happen to… WAY ahead of time.

And that can give you the potential for extraordinary gains on the inevitable upswing.

Remember, year after year, these Rocket Stocks deliver the biggest gains in the market!

And these are gains you’d likely never get any other way… because you’d never even know about them.

For example…

There’s almost no way you’d be looking at a small company in South Africa called Harmony Gold Mining Co. (HMY).

But on December 4, 2015, the Launch Alarm would have flashed the signal that somebody was gearing up for something big.

Sure enough, on January 15, 2016, news got out that HMY made its third consecutive quarter of increased production. And that launched the stock into orbit.

If you bought HMY on December 4, you could have pocketed a 471.2% GAIN by April 11.

Here’s another obscure company called Tanzanian Royalty Exploration Corporation (TRX).

Chances are you’d have never heard of TRX before April 1, 2016. But that’s the date the Launch Alarm would have put this tiny company right in your cross-hairs.

The reason for the price breakout became clear on June 9 when TRX announced it had resolved a dispute with the government of Tanzania that would significantly improve its business.

And you could have padded your nest egg with FIVE TIMES YOUR MONEY… in just four months on this “Launch Alarm” breakout.

Here’s another obscure Rocket Stock fortune.

You had to be closely tracking penny stocks in Canada’s Wild West to even find a trace of Alexco Resource Corp. (AXU).

On January 26, 2016, its share price was barely above 30 cents.

But even at that tiny price, the Launch Alarm would have alerted you that certain people were causing a price breach. They were buying because they knew that Alexco was about to make big news three times over the coming months.

First, on March 23, 2016, it reported positive financial news.

Then on April 27, Alexco announced a private offering of 8 million shares estimated to generate up to $10 million in cash.

And on June 1, the company made news announcing it had begun a new exploration program that would significantly expand its business.

Altogether, that news sent AXU on a five-month moonshot that could have had you sitting on a fast 423% GAIN.

Now let me stop again for a moment and make sure you don’t miss something HUGE.

Unlike many other investing approaches…

With my Launch Alarm, your gain opportunities are virtually UNLIMITED.

It’s so powerful, it scours the entire small cap market every single day.

So you’ll always be able to take advantage of whatever’s hot. Wherever the money’s moving. Wherever the gold bars are hidden. In just about ANY industry, ANY country, and ANY market.

Even on the smallest stocks where the critical breach could be a matter of just a few pennies.

That’s how the Launch Alarm can help you get in position to capture DOZENS of new gains every year. Gains that could literally change your life.

Think I’m being overly optimistic? Take a look at this…

How the Launch Alarm Could Have Turned $500 Into $639,292 Last Year

Individually, the gain opportunities each and every time my Launch Alarm flashes are spectacular.

But if you can string a few together, that’s where it gets really interesting.

Let me show you how one quick example would have played out from 2016.

Let’s say you decided to begin following the Launch Alarm and it signaled an alert on February 16 for a relatively unknown oil and gas producer called Mid-Con Energy Partners.

Being understandably cautious, you invest just $500 that you’re fully prepared to risk. And within a few weeks, the reason for the price breach becomes clear.

On March 1, Mid-Con made news as analysts went on record rating the stock as “undervalued.” Then on April 6, news got out that Mid-Con had significantly revised its financial estimates upward.

By April 27, just two months after buying in, I could have shown you how to QUADRUPLE your money with a 343.8% GAIN.

That would have turned your original $500 into $2,219.

And that’s when the fun would have really started…

Because the very next thing you could have done is take your original $500 and put it back in your pocket.

That means no matter what happened next… YOU COULD NOT LOSE! Not even one cent.

Instead, you’d be playing for “FREE” on $1,719 of the house’s money.

The next Launch Alarm signal would have flashed on April 14, for a niche drug developer called, Eleven Biotherapeutics (EBIO).

Just a few weeks later EBIO announced news of a lucrative licensing deal for its new treatment for eye disease.

And you could have cashed out with an eye-popping 850.8% GAIN by August 16.

Your $1,719 would have erupted into $16,344!

Next, thanks to the Launch Alarm, I would have recommended you take your $16,344 and invest it in one of the country’s budding marijuana growers, United Cannabis (CNAB) on August 18, 2016.

On October 28, CNAB announced record sales. And its stock blasted off to an unbelievable 1,366% gain by November 1.

Talk about a natural high…

Your $16,344 could have multiplied by more than TEN TIMES to a whopping $239,704… in just 48 days!

And you still wouldn’t be done making money in 2016.

You would have received the final Launch Alarm of 2016 on November 11, because there was a significant price breakout for an off-the-radar penny stock called PharmaCyte Biotech (PMCB).

Sure enough, on November 29, PMCB announced surprisingly positive news from the FDA that sent the stock into a meteoric rise.

In just three weeks, PMCB gained 166.7%… and could have turned your $239,704 into $639,292.



Starting with just $500.

Now imagine what could have happened if you were just a tiny bit more aggressive.

With a still very conservative $1,000 stake… you could have ended up with $1,278,585!

And a “normal” $5,000 start?

I hope you’re sitting down.

Because those four trades in 2016 could have sealed your financial future by turning into OVER $6 MILLION.

$6,392,927, to be exact.

Now, I realize it’s difficult, even quite unlikely, for anyone to put up all that money on an exact sequence of trades. And history doesn’t always repeat itself. But it was definitely possible. The numbers don’t lie, and the gain opportunities were there for the taking.

But I like to be extremely conservative. So let me play devil’s advocate.

Do you think you could “get by” turning five hundred bucks into only THREE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS? That’s what you could have had if you only did HALF as well.

What if you only made one-fourth the money?


Clearly, when I say that the Launch Alarm can help me show you how to get rich, I’m not kidding.

And I still haven’t even told you how the REALLY HUGE money gets made.

MCEs Can Launch Your Gains Like a Nuclear Powered Booster Rocket

So far, you’ve seen the tremendous wealth-building, risk-minimizing potential thanks to the Launch Alarm.

You’ve seen how price breakouts are caused by people buying up stock. Because they know that like finding hidden gold… any of seven key catalysts are about to launch the stock’s value into the stratosphere.

And you’ve seen how finding the telltale breakout can get you in on Rocket Stocks days or weeks BEFORE they take off for sudden, massive gains of 200%… 300%… 400%, and more.

And that’s where most people would happily cash in.

But not me.

Not when my Launch Alarm tells me that there’s more goldmore price breachesmore catalysts that can catapult an already high-flying Rocket Stock.

I call these Multi-Catalyst Events, or MCEs. And that’s when things really get juicy.

Getting rich this way is so easy because, as usual, the Launch Alarm does almost all the work.

When it finds multiple breakouts signaling multiple catalysts on the horizon for certain Rocket Stocks, I’ll recommend you keep hanging on a little bit longer than usual. And you can prepare to potentially reap the biggest gains ever.

It’s clear to see when you take a detailed look at a couple of these Multi-Catalyst Events.

We’ll start with a small company called Canadian Solar Inc. (CSIQ).

Like most companies struggling to make solar power take off, CSIQ was languishing in obscurity when its price broke out.

But if you bought CSIQ when the first Launch Alarm would have signaled, you could have pocketed a quick 287.6% gain when news of an international expansion caused the stock to pop.

Most people would have been happy almost QUADRUPLING their money in just a few weeks like that…

But CSIQ was just getting started. Thanks to the Launch Alarm, I would have been able to tell you that the price was busting out and another catalyst was about to pop.

As expected, when news hit that CSIQ entered into an agreement to sell four of its utility-scale solar power plants, the stock more than DOUBLED again.

Instead of cashing in at the original 287% gain, those following my recommendation based on the Launch Alarm, would have been sitting on a total 776.6% GAIN.

But CSIQ still wasn’t done, because the Launch Alarm would have flashed another price breakout.

Sure enough, a few weeks later, when CSIQ announced the incredible news that it had connected to the Chinese State Grid, it blasted off even farther.

This took CSIQ to a whopping 882.9% cumulative gain.

Think about what this means.

If you started with just $5,000…

You could have ended up with $49,148.

That’s almost TEN TIMES YOUR MONEY. And most importantly, it’s…

$36,470 MORE MONEY IN YOUR POCKET than those who cashed out at after the first catalyst.

I’m telling you… when the Launch Alarm detects multiple breaches and multiple catalysts, it can be like MAXIMUM money in the bank.

You won’t have to worry about getting in too late… or selling too soon.

This is best way I know to avoid leaving the biggest profits on the table.

Let me show you another MCE that could have really rocked your retirement accounts.

Most everybody has heard of Herbalife. But few people know much about a similar company called Natural Health Trends (NHTC).

The NHTC model was basically to knock off the success of Herbalife as a multilevel marketing and e-commerce company in the enormous Chinese market.

The day the first “tell” would have signaled a “buy” for NHTC, this penny stock was selling for less than a dollar per share.

But NHTC shocked the markets with news of positive earnings expectations, and the stock shot up to a 282.0% gain.

The few so-called “experts” who even noticed what was happening, were unimpressed. Some even went so far as to warn people of the dangers of NHTC’s type of operation.

But the Launch Alarm is unaffected by speculation or emotion. All it does is ruthlessly hunt for statistically significant price breakouts that can help you get rich.

When NHTC announced another record-setting quarter, it followed that first 282% jump with another gain of 430.8%.

That’s a cumulative gain of 1,927.8%.

Understandably, many people would have happily cashed out right then and there.

But the Launch Alarm signal would have signaled there was still more money to be made. And NHTC delivered.

Altogether, by detecting Multiple Catalyst Events, the Launch Alarm could have lead the way to a massive 3,386% GAIN!

That’s like MULTIPLYING YOUR MONEY 34 TIMES and turning…

Every $500 into $17,430…

Every $1,000 into $34,860…

And every $5,000 into $174,300!

I honestly don’t know of any other way regular people can confidently make so much money, starting with so little.

And the thing is… the Launch Alarm helps me identify these Multi-Catalyst Events all the time.

So I can show you opportunity after opportunity to supercharge your wealth.

In fact, take a look at one single Multi-Catalyst Event that could have helped you become richer than you ever imagined with just one, easy investment.


Anacor Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (ANAC) is a small company that specializes in prescription drugs based on a proprietary boron chemistry platform.

Anacor’s stock was trading for around $3 per share when the Launch Alarm would have found the first significant price breakout. Someone overpaid because they found hidden gold bars – secret information that would increase the company’s value.

Within days, ANAC made news by announcing positive results from a Phase 2 trial of its novel pediatric dermatitis drug.

Anyone who got into ANAC at that first breakout could have cashed out with a 551.0% GAIN.

But they would have left money on the table, because another wealth-building catalyst was about to hit.

This time, the stock took off for another 30.7% gain on the news that Anacor struck a $65 million deal for its new drug.

That could have multiplied your original investment almost NINE TIMES… an incredible 751.2% cumulative GAIN.

And another “tell” would have signaled that ANAC still wasn’t done.

By the time news of ANAC’s surprisingly positive year-end earnings got out, its stock surged another 129.4%.

That news could have multiplied your money close to 20 times with a whopping 1,853.0% CUMULATIVE GAIN.

Believe it or not, the Launch Alarm signal would have flashed again. Apparently, ANAC still had one more bullet in its gun.

Actually, it was more like a nuclear bomb.

Just four months later, Anacor reported positive top-line results from not just one, but TWO pivotal Phase 3 studies.

And the stock more than DOUBLED again with an additional 123.3% gain.

Add it all up and the numbers are jaw dropping.

If you had made one investment in this one stock… and had my Launch Alarm recommendations alerting you of multiple catalysts to come all along the way…

You could have cashed out with a total gain of 4,262.4%…


That’s not just hidden gold… that’s like being handed the keys to Fort Knox!

Now, as always, I can’t guarantee you those kind of results, or that every trade will be a winner. No one can.

But imagine what your portfolio could look like if you could MULTIPLY YOUR MONEY 43 TIMES on a company you never even knew existed!

Think about the enormous financial advantage those kinds of gains could mean for YOUR retirement.

Here’s the best part.

Thanks to the Launch Alarm… you would have had the chance to become rich on ANAC no matter what amount you started with.

Every $500 you invested would have multiplied into $21,312…

Every $1,000 invested would have grown to over $42,624…

A conservative $5,000 stake could have skyrocketed to $213,123…

And one single $10,000 investment could have filled your pockets with $426,246… just short of a life-changing HALF A MILLION DOLLARS!

Plain and simple: This incredible Launch Alarm can help me show you how to build more wealth, more easily, than you ever imagined.

In fact, the Launch Alarm has just alerted me to …

Two New Rocket Stocks That Could Explode for 1,965% Gains in the Next Couple Months.

My Launch Alarm recommendations are the ONLY way you can KNOW the moment people start positioning themselves to cash in on stocks they know are packed with hidden gold bars.

It’s the ONLY way I know to find the statistically significant price breakouts that happen before tiny stocks are about to blast off.

And that makes me the ONLY person in the world who can deliver those exciting Rocket Stock gain opportunities to you on a silver platter.

In fact, let me tell you about the two hottest Rocket Stocks my Launch Alarm just found.

After you hear my thoughts, you’ll want to get in on these right away. I expect they could combine for gains of 1,965% or more within just a few months.

Hot Rocket #1: Tiny little stock positioned to multiply your money up to 12 times or more

My Launch Alarm just discovered a price breakout in a biopharmaceutical company developing novel gene therapies.

TWO of this company’s treatments to fight rare genetic diseases in children have already been granted “orphan drug status” by the FDA. And they continue to deliver positive results in pre-clinical and clinical trials.

The important thing is to learn how to get in NOW – before the latest headlines get out and this company takes off on a surge that I’ve calculated could easily result in a 1,415% gain that could turn every $500 invested into $7,500 or more.

Hot Rocket #2: Obscure stock could pad your portfolio with up to 550%

My Launch Alarm also just alerted me to an off-the-grid robotics company. It’s small now, but it’s well positioned to become a key player in the coming robotics revolution. In fact, this company is already working on becoming a leading supplier in the $339 billion semiconductor market. There’s no time to waste on this one. According to my calculations, when this tiny Rocket Stock pops, it could multiply your money up to 550% starting right now.

As always, we’ll know the exact Launch Alarm catalysts for these Rocket Stocks soon enough – be it improved earnings, more great clinical trial news, or even a shakeup in management. But no matter what the catalysts turn out to be, I expect that these Rocket Stocks could make you 5… 10… EVEN 40 TIMES YOUR MONEY OR MORE in the next few months.

And here’s the best part: Nobody else has a clue about stocks like these right now. Most don’t even know they exist.

But I do. And soon, so can you.

Because I’m going to share every last detail on these – and the very best Rocket Stocks that my Launch Alarm and I find – exclusively with members of my exciting research advisory service called…

Small-Cap Rocket Alert.

Nothing can find as many exciting, new gain opportunities as my Launch Alarm. Nothing else can make it so easy to know how to become truly rich…

Because there’s simply NOTHING else like it… ANYWHERE.

The Launch Alarm has NOTHING to do with a pattern…

It is NOT a program you have to follow.

It’s NOT based on historical trends.

In fact, the Launch Alarm has NOTHING to do with the past at all…

And NOTHING to do with rolling averages, indices, deviations, or any other tired, outdated and inaccurate analytical models.

Those are all backward-looking indicators.

By the time those show anything, you’re already too late to make any money.

My Launch Alarm is completely unique.

Like a map of sunken treasures, it leads me directly to the stocks known to be packed with chests of gold… no matter where they’re located. It scours all 2,000 small-cap stocks, 24 hours a day, searching for hidden Rocket Stocks…

It ONLY looks forward…

And it ONLY signals in REAL TIME… the moment people who KNOW what’s really going on causes the stock price to break outside its normal range.

Then I do all the hard work to narrow things down to the one or two biggest potential winners each week.

And starting this very minute, every time my Launch Alarm detects one of these profit predicting price breakouts…

I’d like to send you my recommended action plan as a member of my elite Small-Cap Rocket Alert service.

Small-Cap Rocket Alert helps put you on the “inside” track to the hottest Rocket Stocks… maximum-gain bargain stock opportunities that are practically invisible to everybody else!

You’ll know everything I know about each and every explosive opportunity.

And you’ll know exactly what to do and how to do it.

So there’s never any guessing. Never any worry.

You don’t even have to read much. In less than 10 minutes per week, you can digest the essential facts in each email and know how to take the steps that can have you perfectly positioned to rake in any gains.

All you have to do is decide on the ones that are right for you and follow my step-by-step instructions.

I know you’ll appreciate five important ways my Small-Cap Rocket Alert is the most unique research ever offered.

  1. First is the EASY PACE that helps you Build Wealth fast, but not in a frenzy.Y ou NEVER need to be glued to your computer for fear of missing last-minute updates that could cost you thousands. And you never have to make split-second buying or selling decisions.

    You’ll enjoy clear, easy, step-by-step guidance on every recommended transaction at an enjoyable pace.

  1. Second are the CONSISTENT WINNERS – There is simply no one else who can practically ensure opportunities for winning results. Only my Launch Alarm shows me which stocks people are buying way BEFORE they’re about to pop… so I can show you how to be in position for massive earnings potential… even when the markets and larger stocks take repeated hits.
  2. Next are the MAXIMIZED PROFITS – By the time everyone else discovers these stocks, YOU could be selling to THEM for maximum profits. My Launch Alarm can help me guide you to potential winners long before others even know they exist.You can just sit back and watch as the institutional investors and the media run up the price… and your profits… through the roof.
  1. You’ll also love the MINIMIZED RISK. By focusing only on Small-Cap Rocket Stocks, typically priced at $10, $5, even less than $2 a share, your exposure is significantly reduced. Yet even tiny price jumps on these gems can produce sky-high returns for you.That being said, small stocks like these can be extremely volatile. That’s why I give you a maximum buy price with every recommendation, which I strongly hope you’ll follow should you choose to invest.
  1. Finally, you’ll love how easy it is to build your wealth this new way. The Launch Alarm is extremely selective. So you’ll receive a plentiful, but manageable number of extraordinary opportunities to build your wealth each month.

Small-Cap Rocket Alert is easy to follow, easy to manage, and it makes it easy for you to gain the potential to transform every $1,000 into…

  • $9,063 PROFIT in 11 months on Idera Pharmaceuticals Inc (IDRA)…
  • $5,118 PROFIT in 10 months on RadNet Inc (RDNT)…
  • $4,136 PROFIT in 7 months on Horizon Pharma (HZNP)…
  • $4,632 PROFIT in 4 months on Live Ventures Inc (LIVE)…
  • And $5,954 PROFIT in 8 months on Biocryst Pharmaceuticals Inc (BCRX).

I’m confident my Small-Cap Rocket Alert is the ONLY way to ensure you know all about every exciting opportunity the Launch Alarm finds BEFORE future potential price explosions.

Of course I certainly can’t guarantee all this will happen. So please don’t go mortgaging your house to get in on these Rocket Stocks.

But I can guarantee that gains like this are not just possible. According to our test results, they’ve happened many times year after year. They’re happening right now. And they’ll continue happening again.

Can you imagine if YOU were the next person who pockets 43 times your money?

Can you imagine turning a $10,000 portion of your portfolio into OVER $423,000?

The key is that you join me now to make sure you don’t miss out.

Here’s everything you receive as a member of Small-Cap Rocket Alert

  • First and foremost, you’ll get a full year of exciting new opportunities to build massive NEW wealth. That’s 52 weekly Small-Cap Rocket Alert emails delivered straight to your inbox. Including every single step-by-step recommendation, based on my analysis of Launch Alarm opportunities, that could turn every $500 into $20,000 or more.
  • You’ll get instant email alerts – Aside from your regular Small-Cap Rocket Alert emails, if there’s action to take on one of our positions, any time, day or night, I’ll send you an instant email alert. You’ll always know exactly what’s going on, and what to do about it. You can also sign up for our free text messaging service so you know immediately when new recommendations hit your inbox.
  • You’ll get my exclusive Weekly updates – Every Friday afternoon you’ll get a complete update and summary of every active recommendation. You’ll see how all the stocks are performing, pick up all my latest moves, and get my take on events that could affect your portfolio.
  • You’ll have 24/7 Web Site Resources – This password restricted, members-only site, provides you with a wealth of up-to-the-minute information on the Small-Cap Rocket Alert portfolio. Plus an exhaustive archive of Small-Cap Rocket Alert emails and trading resources.

Talk about a gold rush!

You’ll know where all the gold is hidden. Every catalyst about to affect the hottest stocks… in the hottest sectors… anywhere in the world!

You Can’t Find These Small-Cap Rocket Alert Opportunities Anywhere Else… At Any Price.

That’s why I know that $4,000 for a full-year subscription to Small-Cap Rocket Alert is an incredible value. Considering the massive gains I’ve just showed you, it’s easily worth 10 times that much.

Based on the gains we just looked at, you could cover your entire subscription fee many times over.

And you don’t have to just take my word for it. Many readers have gone out of their way to let me know about their huge Rocket Stock gains.

Mac Silver wrote to me to say:

“WOW what a wonderful surprise to wake up to this morning. $7000.00 plus profit. Best yet, thank you so much, keep up the good work.”

Jill Balto told me she loved the fast results:

“I got in at $9.68 and am now sitting on 86% gains after 18 days… Not bad!”

Blake Sommers couldn’t wait to tell me about his gains:

“Very impressive I bought 1000 shares at $9.45, and this morning I’m sitting on an $8200 GAIN! WOO HOO!”

Elaine Rhigetti wrote to say how happy she was with her incredibly quick profits:

“I am completely ecstatic! A 91.65% GAIN in 8 days! I’m still sitting on my other half. FREE trade! WOW!”

John Kettering couldn’t thank me enough for his huge Rocket Stock gains:

“I just sold half of my position for a near 1500% gain today. Thanks for the Christmas present, Sid! Now, can I have another please?”

Those comments are proof of the amazing things Rocket Stocks have done for my readers.

Now it’s time for you to ask yourself a question, one that could literally change the rest of YOUR life:

Do YOU have what it takes to join me and have the chance to capture your own potential Rocket Stock riches?

Warning, This is NOT Right for Everybody

Now I know that this niche is notoriously treacherous.

And I understand that not everyone is comfortable trying new things.

So my Small-Cap Rocket Alert may not be right for everybody. In fact…

If you’re content indexing the market for a 5% or 6% gain…

Or if you’re willing to wait years for typical “value” stocks to finally begin to appreciate…

Or if you’re only comfortable investing in well-known companies…

Or if you’re down to your last $500…

Then my Small-Cap Rocket Alert is NOT for you.

But if you’re dead serious about learning how to become truly rich…

If you’d like the chance to pocket NEW gains from Rocket Stocks you’ve probably never heard of…

If you’re willing to see if my Launch Alarm really could help you turn every $500 into thousands by the end of this year… and…

If you’d love to find Rocket Stocks that could quickly pad your nest egg with extraordinary profits in the next few days or weeks like these…

  • 271.6% GAIN on GORO…
  • 595.4% GAIN on BCRX…
  • 476.4% GAIN on GRBK…
  • 580.6% GAIN on CRMD…
  • 473.6% GAIN on RYI…

Then I know this could be the opportunity of your lifetime.

Unfortunately, this lucrative Rocket Stock niche has one limitation that I can’t do anything about: Too much activity could affect the stock prices and profits for everybody.

Obviously, I don’t want to let that happen.

So to ensure only people who are committed to learning how to become rich get in… and to keep “tire kickers” who could dilute your profit potential out, there are no refunds with this offer.

Whatever you do, PLEASE do not miss out on this opportunity.

That’s why it’s critical you act right now.

YOU will be among the first to know exactly how to position yourself for potential windfalls from both of the hottest, ready-to-pop Rocket Stocks I told you about a few minutes ago…

YOU will be among the first to see how, with the help of me and my new Launch Alarm, you could turn every $500 you invest into $5,000… $10,000… even $20,000 and more…

But only if you act right away.

My Launch Alarm has been back tested and PROVEN. My small-cap track record is PROVEN. And my analysis PROVES these Rocket Stocks can turn every $500 into as much as $20,000 or more.

Click here now.

Or call our staff at 1.855.509.6600 (1.443.353.4770 for international callers) and mention Priority Code: WSRAT512.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Sid Riggs
Founding Editor, The Small-Cap Rocket Alert
May 2017

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