About Sid Riggs

sid riggs

Sid Riggs joined Money Map Press as the Chief Research Analyst in 2009.

He spent the first several years working entirely “behind the scenes” to support some of the brightest minds in financial analysis, but then his lifelong talent for number-crunching turned into something much bigger.

After years of extensive testing, Sid opened his research up to a small group of investors, and they were hooked almost immediately.

Sid’s strategy for capitalizing on the small-cap market consistently led his subscribers to life-changing gains… and they’ve been sure to thank him for it:

“…now sitting on 86% gains after 18 days… Not bad!” -Julian

“…I just sold half of my position for a near 1,500% gain today. Thanks, Sid!” -Jacob R.

“I’m sitting on an $8,200 GAIN! … Thanks for the pick, and keep ’em coming!” -Brian C.

But Sid knew that those incredible profits were just the tip of the iceberg.

Each month he kept noticing seemingly-ordinary small-cap stocks making huge jumps for no discernible reason. He couldn’t put his finger on it… there was no catalyst, no earnings report, and nothing in the headlines, but these companies were soaring by 377.6%, 452.3%, even 1,109.8% and more.

The gains were indisputable, but hardly anyone was cashing in.

That’s because this special niche of “Rocket Stocks” flies dormant under the radar, “hiding” the profit potential from most investors.

But Sid spent countless hours sifting through millions of transactions, trying to uncover the pattern that would allow him to tap into these inexplicable gains. He distilled the thousands of possible factors that make this unique type of stock go up, and after months of painstaking research…

…he found it.

The “Launch Alarm” is a single, definitive trigger – a never-before-seen pattern that stock fundamentals and traditional analytics just can’t touch.

Sid uses this powerful tool to pinpoint those “hidden” profit opportunities for his subscribers in The Small-Cap Rocket Alert, giving them the opportunity to make potentially life-changing gains in just weeks or even days.

He also contributes his small-cap expertise and investing analysis in Money Morning and the Money Map Report.